Tag Rugby in Creswell

Tag photoTag rugby is a safe, fun and exciting form of a non-contact team game in which each player wears a belt that has two Velcro tags attached either side, or shorts with Velcro patches. It is suitable for both males and females of all age groups and abilities.

The mode of play is based on rugby football with many similarities to touch rugby, although tag rugby is often deemed as a closer simulation of the full contact laws of rugby than touch.  Attacking players attempt to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by “tagging” or pulling a Velcro tag attached from the ball carrier, rather than a full contact tackle.

Tuesday 10th March at 15.45pm four teams from the surrounding school cluster played each other at Creswell Junior School playing field.  Creswell Junior School came third overall drawing 5 – 5 with Hodthorpe, losing to Barlborough 7 -5 and Whitwell 6 – 5.  After receiving two weeks of training Creswell Junior School demonstrated a very positive standard of rugby focusing on team work, enjoyment, discipline and participation.  This resulted in Creswell Junior School giving a 100% work rate during the games they played and each individual received a certificate of participation.  Well done to all who took part.